UGC platform to help you increase sales

Use the power of your Instagram and TikTok community to collect and grow UGC. Grow your business with community-led growth ✨
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Why choose Casa?
Social Proof & Trust
Highlight UGC in your customer marketing across social media and your website
Increase Sales & Revenue
Convert UGC into shoppable galleries and posts and tag your products to increase sales
Turn Customers Into Advocates
Incentivize customers who already love your products to create UGC and build your community
Empower creators who love your brand 😍
Use Instagram to empower customers who already love your brand...

Social selling and word-of-mouth are the best ways to generate sales!

Casa UGC makes it super easy for you to leverage UGC from your community of creators - customers, nano-influencers and micro-influencers to grow your brand and increase sales
Simple workflow to increase sales
Collect UGC
Track and manage all your posts, @mentions, tagged posts, hashtags, stories and reels from Instagram and TikTok in one place
Make It Shoppable
Tag products on images to make them shoppable and increase sales
Grow UGC On Autopilot
Grow UGC by asking customers to tag your brand after purchase
Collect UGC image
Note from our founder
Hi, I'm Dhruv...

I'm a bootstrapped entrepreneur and being inspired by the success of massive consumer brands like Sephora and Peloton led me to the wonderful world of community-led growth!

I believe every brand can achieve a community-led flywheel to grow their sales and I want to help millions of bootstrapped entrepreneurs just like me grow their sales and live their dreams!

Please feel free to reach out at, I'm always available for you!


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Dhruv Bhatia
Founder, Casa
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